After going in for what I thought was a regular doctor’s checkup, the results came in from my blood tests.

My doctor says I need to start eating better, exercising, and losing weight.

He said if I don’t make a change I’d soon be starting treatment for type 2 diabetes.

I was afraid for my wife and kids. Is this going to become a financial burden on my family? How much longer would I be around and able to see their faces?

Then I became angry, thinking it was my parents’ fault ya know.


Then I thought to myself, “The internet will tell me what to do” so I typed in “weight loss”, and hit enter…

Crash diets, strange looking tea, and celebrities flooded my screen.

I felt a little overwhelmed, but considering everything that was at stake, I was determined to get this under control.

I poured hundreds probably thousands of hours, hours that I should probably have been sleeping, digging into weight loss books, reading articles, and watching YouTube videos.

I listened to the different opinions and advice from weight loss experts.

I failed a few times before I learned what works and what doesn’t.

My biggest regret is that I didn’t really care about my body until I got the call from my doctor.

My second biggest regret is that I waited so long and made so many excuses before taking better care of myself.

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Take care for now!


Daniel Fresquez (aka Danny Fresco)