Weight Loss Calculators

These calculators all play a role in helping you lose weight and tone your body in ways like never before. Take a look at each on to see how it can help you reach your weight loss goals. If you add together the small advantages they each give, you’ll have a serious advantage on your way to losing those extra pounds.

Free and Easy to Use Weight Loss Calculators

Meal Planning Calculator


Take as much work as you can out of meal planning with this handy calculator. Quickly get the number of calories and grams of each macronutrient to have each day and for each meal. That's not even the best part because the calculator tailors your results for whichever primary health goal you choose!

Target Heart Rate Calculator


Whether you're exercising with cardio, power yoga, or other sports to lose weight, you can keep your heart rate in the maximum fat burn zone to burn the most calories from fat stores. This calculator will give you the numbers to track your heart rate and burn the most fat possible.

Weight Training Calculator


If you're serious about getting rid of your extra body fat, then you're building lean muscle. Experiencing gains after your first few months means you'll need to combine strength lifting with muscle mass lifting. Use this handy calculator and learn more about how many reps to do at each exercise to get long-term muscle gains.

Body Mass Index Calculator


This test will give you an idea of where you are on the scale of body mass. It's very basic and will tell you how much body mass you have compared to the average person.

Lean Mass Calculator


Knowing your lean muscle can keep you on the right track. Anyone saying their goal is weight loss probably means fat loss. You might weigh the same but look amazing, because you burned lots of fat and increased lean muscle. Use this calculator to find how much lean muscle you have quickly.