Are you ready for more than cookie cutter workout videos and that new popular diet?

Get results that last with a fitness and nutrition program tailored to your individual needs and goals

Personalized exercise program

Receive total body training as your workouts and exercises become a reflection of your needs and abilities, which helps you to progress safely and effectively.

Your client consultation, fitness assessments, and workout history all play a part in providing you with a personalized program and even better results.

Customized nutrition plan

Develop sustainable eating habits and learn to follow science-based guidelines that laser target your health and fitness goals.

Learn more than calorie counting as your eye for caloric quantities grows with your understanding of how proper nutrition fits into your food preferences.

Monthly fitness assessments

Track your progress with multi-point fitness assessments that monitor your strength, cardio, and fitness levels.

See your performance improve as your results lead to new and more exciting levels of fitness training, which leads to even better performance.

Mobile app & training community access

Access your entire program using the mobile app that includes your calendar, workouts, nutrition goal, group chat, and more!

Connect and share victories with members of your training group as we cheer each other on for completing workouts and reaching nutrition goals.

No contracts, you can cancel any time

You probably want your fitness program that adjusts with your busy life, that's why you can cancel any time and pick back up when you're ready.

Or maybe one day you'll decide to complete formal fitness education and help others reach their fitness goals as well.

All of the Low Touch Program Benefits

The entire plan to reach your fitness goals laid out for you and ready to execute, with all of the personalized benefits of the Low Touch Program built right in.

You get your exercise program, nutrition plan, the fitness assessments, mobile app, not to mention access to the online training community.

Unlimited two-way messaging with me, your coach

Using the in-app messaging you and I can chat one-on-one to give you a better understanding of your program as well as provide answers to any pressing questions.

Access to two-way messaging also gives you a quicker turn around for customer support and any changes you'd like made to your program.

Weekly program follow-ups via phone & video chat

During these 15-minute calls or video chat sessions, we go over your program step by step, discussing what needs to happen next.

You never have to worry about figuring things out on your own or overcoming challenges by yourself, because your weekly follow-up will take care of all that.

Athletic trainer explaining workout plan to woman at crossfit gym
Goal setting guidance & accountability

Together we'll set and work toward your goals using the proven S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely) goal-setting model.

I'll help you focus on what’s most important at each step, and set goals according to your current fitness level and abilities.

Posture inspection & correction workouts

Unnatural repetitive motions can cause one or several muscles to stiffen up which leads to muscle imbalances as well as movement pain.

You'll restore range of motion in tight over-active muscles with correction workouts designed to help you go even faster!

All of the Guaranteed Results Program benefits

A personal experience that delivers you to your fitness goals, with one-on-one support and motivation only the Guaranteed Results program can provide.

You get direct two-way messaging with me, weekly follow-ups, goal setting guidance, accountability, not to mention posture correction that restores range of motion.

Four Weeks of Additional Program Access

You're getting four weeks of your program at no cost to show you that I appreciate your loyalty and your success matters to me.

You can use that extra money you save on workout equipment of supplements that you love to lock in even greater results from your program.

Premium Online Meal Planning Software

Master your meal plan once and for all or even create a new plan with sophisticated online meal planning software.

Get access to hundreds of plans assembled by a group of registered dietitians so you can get the upper hand on your diet and healthy eating.

Unlimited program follow-ups via phone & video chat

Get unlimited access to me by phone and through video chat to quickly debunk challenges or go over your workouts together.

Action plan updates to emergency consults, you get unlimited one-on-one follow-up sessions as often as it takes to keep up your momentum.

Free access to bi-monthly fitness challenges

Every two months a new 30-day fitness challenge kicks off, and now you can share in the fun and incredible results.

Entry into the challenge group chat comes with your program where you'll get daily motivation and connect with a group of determined individuals.