Are you ready for more than cookie cutter workout videos and that new popular diet?

Get results that last with a fitness and nutrition program tailored to your individual needs and goals!

Personalized exercise program

Receive total body training as your workouts and exercises become a reflection of your needs and abilities, which helps you to progress safely and effectively.

Your client consultation, fitness assessments, and workout history all play a part in providing you with a personalized program and even better results.

One-on-One Guided Workouts

You and I will come together on a regular basis to quickly debunk challenges or go over your workouts together.

From action plan updates to emergency consults, you’ll have as many one-on-one sessions as as it takes to keep up your momentum.

Mobility Inspection / Correction

Unnatural repetitive motions can cause one or several muscles to stiffen up which leads to muscle imbalances as well as movement pain.

You’ll restore range of motion in tight over-active muscles with correction workouts designed to help you go even faster!

Personalized Nutrition Handbook with Guidelines

Develop sustainable eating habits and learn to follow science-based guidelines that laser target your health and fitness goals.

Learn more than calorie counting as your eye for caloric quantities grows with your understanding of how proper nutrition fits into your food preferences.

Unlimited Access to Online Meal Planning Software

Master your meal plan once and for all or even create a new plan with sophisticated online meal planning software.

Get access to hundreds of plans assembled by a group of registered dietitians and take full control of your diet and healthy recipes.

Mobile App and Training Community Access

Access your entire program using the mobile app that includes your calendar, workouts, nutrition goal, group chat, and more!

Connect and share victories with members of your training group as we cheer each other on for completing workouts and reaching nutrition goals.

Unlimited two-way messaging with me, your coach

Using the in-app messaging you and I can chat one-on-one to give you a better understanding of your program as well as provide answers to any pressing questions.

Access to two-way messaging also gives you a quicker turn around for customer support and any changes you’d like made to your program.

Regular Check-Ins and Program Follow-up Calls

You never have to worry about falling off your routine or overcoming challenges by yourself, because your weekly follow-up will take care of all that.

During your follow-up calls we go over your fitness and nutrition program step by step, discussing any challenges as well as what needs to happen next.

Athletic trainer explaining workout plan to woman at crossfit gym
Goal Setting Guidance and Accountability

Together we’ll set and work toward your goals using the proven S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely) goal-setting model.

My job is to consistently help you focus on what’s most important at each step, so you can set goals according to your current fitness level and abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my program start?

You can install the mobile app, chat with me one-on-one, and even schedule a program follow-up calls right away.

Your program doesn’t officially begin however until the Monday following your purchase.

Once you’ve been granted full access, all areas of your program will be in operation and accessible to you within 24 hours once you register your account, e-sign your New Client Agreement, and promptly submit any required medical clearance.

I’ll schedule your first workout for the following Monday or next available day that you’ve selected.

How long are the workouts and how often do I need to exercise?

The length of your workouts will range 20 minutes to an hour depending on your goals and abilities.

Your calendar will include 2-6 scheduled workouts each week, depending on your current abilities.

I’ll help you focus on progress towards a specific goal using a schedule that works for you, so that you get the most out of your program and each workout.

Do I need access to equipment for my training?

The short answer is no. You can choose gym machines, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, or bodyweight workouts, so you don’t need anything, in particular, to get started.

For the absolute best results however, you’ll either need access to a gym or home equipment.

Home equipment includes a foam roller, stability ball, dumbbells, and an adjustable bench. You may begin training without the bench, however, you’ll need it as your training advances.

How do guided workouts work?

Your guided workouts with either be in-person or in a live video chat where you and I will complete that day’s scheduled workout and go over anything else you’d like to cover.

Sessions must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Important: Only the scheduling client, myself, and a physician upon request will have access to the video chat room during a scheduled session.

Do you have meal plans for my diet preference?

Yes, I do, such as lactose-, gluten-, soy-free, as well as many others.

However, before you take on the demands that come with a meal plan, I want to help you focus on knowing your food a little better, which is why the first thing you’ll see is a “Nutrition Handbook”.

Your handbook includes personalized stats, critical nutrition education, as well as specific guidelines that when followed will help you develop a sustainable, healthy diet for life.

Armed with your new knowledge, you can then take full advantage of the online meal planning software that comes with your program, including food swap capabilities as well as hundreds of 7-day meal plans built by registered dietitians.

Will I have a mobile app that keeps track of my program?

You surely will, and it not only connects you with your program, but it also gives you access to your calendar, meal plan, workout tracker, exercise stats, and a direct connection with me.

You also get access to the in-app group chat where you’ll find additional encouragement, as well as connect with and encourage others in the Feel Better Community.

Can anyone else see my progress?

I keep all information you enter into the mobile app and other areas of your program completely confidential, none of which will ever be shared without first formally requesting your permission.

If you choose, however, you may share your completed workouts and personal bests on Facebook, giving others the opportunity to encourage you even further and cheer your hard work.

What level of customer support will I receive?

I’d be glad to provide customer support in as many areas as possible, and I’ll personally help you resolve any issues or assist you in finding practical resources for solving your problem.

You can access support using mobile app messaging, direct phone support, as well as on the website.

For any technical issues using the mobile app, training website, and billing issues, support is also available through our online training platform Trainerize.

Where are the prices?

You can find the price of where to begin at

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